Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Patches, Patches, Patches...

I'm so excited about the Fall patch from BCG Patches. It's called Autumn Splendor and it has my absolute favorite little creature (other than my cats) on it. Can you guess what it is? No... it is not a fox.

The Fall patch is designed to be super easy and fun for your group to earn. The patch measures 2 1/2"x 2 3/4". It fully embroidered and sew on (because we all know iron-on fall off!). This is an exclusive design to BCG Patches and there is a FREE digital guide to go along with it.

Check out the guide and order your patches before November 15, 2018 (that's the guarantee date).

Isn't it just the cutest!!!??

AND a bonus patch this month, Tea Time. It's great for young and older groups. You can get all fancy shmancy or keep it simple and fun. It's totally up to you. Either way, the little panda bear just makes me smile.

Be sure to check out the FREE digital guide for it and order those patches, too.