My Daisy troop was a crazy idea I had one day and contemplated for about 3 months before deciding that my heart was aching for little girls on a waiting list that just wanted to be Girl Scouts. They were registered, but no troop to be found. Sad sad sad... 

So, we started a Daisy Program. Parents knew from the beginning that they would need to step up at the end of the 1st grade year to lead the girls on into Brownies. 

Since we started late in their Kindergarten year, we will be doing the Petal set. We won't be doing a Journey with this first round (2014-2016). Depending on how the first round goes, we may begin another round in the Fall of 2016 and take them through petals and 1 journey. 

Want to know more on how this started? Welcome to Daisy's

Organization for the Girls: Binders

Earning Those Daisy Petals:
Daisy Promise Center

Lupe: Honest and Fair
Sunny: Friendly and Helpful
Zinni: Considerate and Caring
Tula: Courageous and Strong
Mari: Responsible for What I Say and Do
Gloria: Respect Myself and Others
Gerri: Respect Authority
Clover: Use Resources Wisely
Rosie: Make the World a Better Place
Vi: Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout

Money Counts
Making Choices
Count It Up
Talk It Up

Other Awards with the Daisies:
Safety Award
2016 Thinking Day
2016 Global Action
2016 Cookie Activity Pin


  1. Would love to see you ideas for Rosie: Make the World a Better Place. The above list is not linked or it would not let me to to that posting. Also the Vi one isn't working either.

    1. Hey, Christy! Yes, I have done the post for Rosie and the fairy gardens! YAY!! It was super fun. I haven't gotten the post for Vi done quite yet. We just completed it last week. It's coming in the next few days. :)

    2. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to check it out and thank you for all you do! I just wish you had more Journey stuff for the Brownies. I'm a new leader for the Brownies this year and we are debating on the Wow! or the Quest. The previous leader worked with the girls on Girls world this past year.

    3. I have scoured the internet and put together journey folers for each level... There is a plan for WOW here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5Z1ODpbzZtoOUJuclpMT2xOSFk&usp=drive_web

  2. Do you have a post on your safety and meeting binder? I would love to see how you keep things organized.

  3. I'd be interested to know if you ever finally did a journey for the Daisies. My daughter is in kindergarten and part of a mixed troop and there are only 2 Daisies, but we're struggling to understand what to do for the journeys.